Stocktoberfest Is Here!

From Sept 24 to October 5, we invite you to celebrate Stocktoberfest with us!

We created Stocktoberfest because stock plan professionals are unsung heroes and they deserve a party. Because you don’t just push numbers around a system. You manage a massively important program that creates value for your company (by way of The Three Golden Rs: Recruitment, Retention and Reward) and creates wealth for employees. Wealth for stuff like a down payment on a house, a Vera Wang wedding dress, or just their child’s little league fees. So, puff out your chest, put some swagger in your step, and join us in raising a stein to stock plan professionals everywhere! You deserve it.

You could win a trip to Munich!

MUNICH, GERMANY – SEPTEMBER 22: Visitors celebrate in a beer tent on the opening day of the 2018 Oktoberfest beer festival on September 22, 2018 in Munich, Germany. The Oktoberfest lasts until October 7 and is the world’s largest beer festival. The beer festival typically draws over six million visitors. (Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images)


So, if you haven’t already done so, check out our Stocktoberfest landing page! And make sure you enter to win a travel voucher valued at US$2,000. To enter, you just need to tell us what you love about this job. Here are some of the sweet answers we’ve had so far:

What I love about stock plan administration…

  • …to help people understand their awards and being a part of giving them an award. It’s like being Santa! 🙂
  • …Most people glaze over when the conversation turns to equity comp… I admit I was one of them. But with more knowledge and a great platform and support team I’ve grown to love it and the challenge it brings.
  • … you are always learning since the field is so diverse and constantly changing, but what I love the most is that the rewards come at unexpected moments, like those ah-ha moments when light bulbs go on and you know you had a hand in helping them to hit the switch! Those are the best moments!
  • …Solium makes it easy! [Editor’s Note: Gosh, what a great answer]

We’ll be highlighting all the awesome ways we’re saluting stock plan professionals over the next two weeks, so stay tuned to the Solium Blog for more!


Andrea Esposito manages content and social media for Solium. Like most people working in equity compensation, she kinda fell into it. The idea for Stocktoberfest came to this self-confessed word nerd while riding public transit and thinking about share purchase plans and Bratwurst. 


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