Your enterprise is global. Now your equity management system is too.

What was once impossible is now possible. With Shareworks, international companies can manage global share plans with one cloud-based platform that brings all your data and teams together. The powerful Shareworks global engine manages the complexities of international payroll, tax and financial reporting so you can work smarter and focus on your global equity strategy.

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Doesn’t your plan demand and deserve the same level of innovation we’ve been accustomed to elsewhere in the modern enterprise?

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Managing the mobile, global, quickly deployable workforce today’s competitive environment demands carries a range of challenges.



Almost 250 global companies told us about their biggest technology challenges with respect to their stock plans. Find out what they said!

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Solium Webinar

Shareworks Global Compliance

Learn how Shareworks Global Compliance helps you transform the way you understand, plan and manage the complex world of compliance for your global equity plan. This tool gives you the power to reduce risk and expenses while enhancing communication, collaboration and confidence across teams, offices, countries and continents.

Presenter: Andrea Kagan

Time: 30 Minutes

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The Shareworks Platform

The power of one.

Simplify your equity plan management with smarter technology and remarkable service.

One true cloud-based data source powers a complete, fully-integrated, scalable solution. Add products when you need them. Everything works together.
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  • Comply
  • Collaborate
  • Model
  • Automate Workflow
  • Generate Reports
  • Support Decisions
  • Engage Employees