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Now you can perform sophisticated analysis for financing and exit events that formerly required a team of analysts or countless internal hours. Shareworks Scenarios puts you in control. Come to the table with confidence and make fully informed decisions quickly and easily.

Join the modeling revolution.

With Scenarios, even the most complex capital structures are modeled in minutes, far beyond the capabilities of spreadsheets. Revise deal terms on the fly to see the impact of exit payouts and ROI immediately. Now the cap table is working for you.

Use the tools the pros use.

Shareworks Scenarios is tried and trusted by top venture capitalist firms for their robust modeling needs. With Scenarios, you get the same modeling results as the experts with no additional expertise required.

Discover the power of real-time knowledge.

Cloud-based Scenarios outperforms other modeling solutions because it factors in more inputs and details, including convertible notes and management carve-outs. Now you can support every financing decision with data you trust. And share with stakeholders instantly.

Confidently answer any “What if?”

Provide quick, confident answers to assure your internal teams. Use practical tools like the waterfall analysis graph to support comparisons around a wide range of exit scenarios. And view the impact of financing events and exit scenarios in tandem.

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  • Exit event modeling
  • Deal comparisons based on ROI and dollar value

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