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Now you can control your plan, collaborate with teams, make more informed decisions and engage employees as never before. Solium’s Shareworks software platform is a complete, integrated, cloud-based solution for equity plan management.

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A better way to manage an equity plan.

Create custom reports with intuitive, drag-and-drop control. Efficiently share with teams across your organization. Provide decision support quickly.

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Your numbers, how you want them.

Maintain accuracy and data integrity. Audit-ready, transparent and accessible, welcome to a new world of financial reporting flexibility.

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Freedom for all, including you.

Enable employees to view their wealth and make trades, even if they have no previous trading experience. Get everyone engaged.

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Go ahead, go global.

Proactively navigate the complexities of global plans. Reduce risk and expenses with a fast, cost-effective and intuitive approach to global due diligence.

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Filing takes a bold new form.

Protect your fast-moving company, your teams and yourself. Discover the smart way to achieve total compliance with Section 16 SEC filing requirements.

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Organization for your organization.

Bring your equity structure into a clean, shareable view with one cloud-based data source. Now everyone is on the same smart page.

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See your future.

Get an accurate picture of your company’s future, faster. Perform sophisticated analysis for finance and exit events that formerly required a team of analysts.

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Shareworks allows us to focus on our core business versus having to do manual plan administration. (Moving to Shareworks) was a great opportunity
 to move to one system and allow our participants to use one system for all
 of their needs on a real-time basis.
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Heather Briant, Cineplex

Senior VP, Human Resources

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