Wednesday, 26 June 2019
The Glaziers Hall, London Bridge

Barclays and Solium Annual Conference

A must attend conference for share plan professionals.

Stay-up-to-date on industry developments and solutions to help you better manage your plan.

What you’ll learn at Synergy 2019 London

This year's conference offers a dynamic lineup of must attend industry and Shareworks sessions. Join in on thought leadership discussions, learn more about tools to drive your company towards shared success and network with peers across the industry.

It’s a conference you won’t want to miss.

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We’re hard at work putting together a lineup of sessions you cannot miss. Check back soon for more details.

Join Iain Wilson, the President of the Solium EMEA region, as he shares key highlights, product insights and a sneak peek of upcoming developments in Shareworks.

Accessibility is key to participant engagement, and technology tools need to accommodate to different access preferences and style. This session will focus on tactics to ensure that all participants engage with vital information in a meaningful way.

Private companies face a specific set of challenges as they grow, and certain decisions can prove more valuable than others while planning for the future. This session will focus on private companies that have experienced rapid growth to see how they mitigated risk while scaling their organizations.

With the UK political landscape changing daily, join our keynote speaker who will provide an overview of the current situation with regard to Brexit and what this means for politics in the UK going forward.

Global markets are perpetually changing, impacting corporate equity programs and value. This session will examine the current global equity climate and how investments and exchanges are performing around the globe. The discussion will also include an informed vision for what the future holds.


Will Hobbs (Barclays)

Success with Shareworks Global Compliance
Looking to improve your management of the Global Compliance tool or interested in learning how this product could ease your compliance worries? See how the technology works and how you can use it to minimize risk with your own plans.

Mobile App Behaviour and Impact
Since it launched, the Solium mobile app has been reinventing the way that employees access their corporate wealth. We’ll examine the app and adoption behaviour, and share how this can make a difference for your employee engagement.

Supporting Vulnerable Employees
Different employees have different knowledge levels regarding their corporate equity programs. Often, subsets of your employee base require more specific attention to ensure they’re leveraging their benefits in a meaningful way. We’ll discuss strategies and ideas for how to do this effectively.

Join us for a session highlighting the experience of high-profile private companies and what they’ve learned as they grow through the end-to-end private company lifecycle.

With attention spans decreasing and information volume exploding, today’s information consumer expects an engaging and meaningful experience with any knowledge media. This keynote session will highlight different ways to attract and keep the attention of your employees, regardless of their age or experience.

Join Iain Wilson and Chris Mowatt as they bring Synergy London 2019 to a close and invite attendees to stay for an evening cocktail reception.

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  • Dynamic lineup
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The Glaziers Hall

  • 9 Montague Close, London Bridge
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